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Olivia Newton John
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12 Years Strong: Unwavering Dedication to the Dance Community

For over a decade, Dancers Against Cancer has stood at the forefront of hope and support, tirelessly serving the dance community. Our unwavering commitment has fueled a mission to heal, help, and inspire. Together, we've danced through challenges, celebrated victories, and transformed countless lives. Here's to the power of dance, the strength of community, and the enduring legacy we build each day.

Join us in our mission. Together, we continue to make a difference.



Every donation directly supports dancers battling cancer, offering hope and crucial aid. Join us in making a real difference within our dance community. Your generosity helps ensure no one faces this fight alone.

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Welcome to our Hope Stories, a space where the power of your generosity truly comes to life. Each story here is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, featuring remarkable individuals from our dance community who have faced cancer with unwavering courage, supported by your donations. These narratives not only highlight the profound impact of financial assistance but also serve as a heartfelt thank you to our donors. It's through your kindness that hope dances in the lives of those battling cancer, offering them strength and encouragement in their darkest hours. As you read these inspiring journeys, let them remind you of the difference your support makes and inspire continued generosity. Together, we create a symphony of hope, transforming lives one donation at a time.

The Power of Automatic Monthly Donations

Why Monthly Donations Matter

Monthly donations are crucial for Dancers Against Cancer, providing a steady stream of support that allows us to offer consistent aid to dancers battling cancer. This reliable funding enables us to plan and respond effectively, ensuring no dancer faces their fight alone. As a monthly donor, you join a community of compassion, directly impacting lives with every contribution. Your commitment helps sustain our mission, offering hope and vital support when it's most needed.


$ 50 / month

Every $50 contribution goes directly towards alleviating the medical expenses of dancers in need, offering substantial relief to both the dancers and their families during challenging times. This level of support can cover costs such as co-pays, prescriptions, and other unforeseen medical needs that arise, ensuring that financial hurdles do not stand in the way of essential care.


$ 150 / month

A $150 donation can significantly impact the day-to-day life of a dancer undergoing treatment by covering living expenses. This support provides not just the necessities of life, but also peace of mind, allowing dancers and their families to focus on healing and recovery, rather than financial strain. Whether it’s rent, utilities, or groceries, your donation brings comfort and stability during a period of uncertainty.

$ 300 / monthly

Contributing $300 can fund advanced therapeutic services that are vital to a dancer’s recovery process. This includes specialized treatments, rehabilitation, and counseling services that may not be fully covered by insurance. Your donation at this level supports the holistic well-being of the dancer, aiding in both physical recovery and mental health, ensuring they have access to comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.


Join the Movement

Step into the spotlight and play a leading role in our mission at Dancers Against Cancer. Whether you’re inspiring as an ambassador, making waves as a corporate sponsor, or transforming spaces into hope studios, your involvement is the choreography to our success. Together, we’ll create a powerful performance of support, hope, and resilience that resonates within and beyond the dance community. Join us, and let’s make every step count in the fight against cancer.

"Seeing our dance community come together with such heart and generosity was truly inspiring. Raising over $50k in one night at The Element Dance Center wasn't just a fundraiser; it was a powerful statement of solidarity and hope. It proves that when we unite for a cause as deeply important as fighting cancer, there's no limit to the impact we can make. This night was for every dancer facing a battle offstage, showing them they're not alone in this dance.".

Erika Leedy Montandon
Studio Owner, The Element Dance Center, San Diego


Empowerment Through Financial Assistance

In line with our mission, we commit to empowering dancers, choreographers, and their families facing cancer by providing crucial financial assistance. Our support aims to alleviate the burden of medical bills and living expenses, ensuring that every individual within the dance community can focus on healing and resilience without financial worry.

Inspiration Through Community Engagement

We pledge to inspire the dance community and beyond by fostering a strong network of support, awareness, and advocacy. Through events, workshops, and storytelling, we aim to uplift spirits, share courageous journeys, and demonstrate the profound impact of solidarity. Our commitment is to create an environment where hope thrives and the passion for dance serves as a beacon of strength.

Support Beyond the Stage

Acknowledging that the battle against cancer extends beyond the dancer's physical needs, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive support that encompasses emotional well-being, access to quality care, and community connection. Our programs are designed to ensure that dancers and their families have a holistic support system, from diagnosis through recovery, embodying our mission to stand alongside every dancer in their fight against cancer.

Every act of giving ignites a spark of hope and creates ripples of change that extend far beyond the moment.


Our Blog

Dive into our blog, the heartbeat of our mission! It's your go-to spot for exhilarating hope stories, event highlights, donor shoutouts, and behind-the-scenes peeks with our amazing sponsors. Every post is a burst of inspiration, showing how together, we're dancing towards making a monumental difference for dancers battling cancer. Get ready to be moved, informed, and part of something truly special.

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