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By partnering with Dancers Against Cancer, your corporation not only elevates its community presence but actively contributes to uplifting lives within the dance community affected by cancer.

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Dancers Against Cancer (DAC) is more than a charity; it's a movement. United by our passion for dance and driven by a mission to support those battling cancer, we provide financial assistance and foster a supportive community for individuals and families navigating this challenging journey. Our efforts are aimed at not just fighting cancer, but ensuring that no one has to face it alone.

Straight to the Dance Community In Need
90¢ of every dollar 90%
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Administration Fees
Administration 4%

Partnering with Dancers Against Cancer has not only allowed us to contribute to a profoundly important cause but has also shown us the incredible strength of community. Witnessing firsthand the difference our support makes in the lives of those battling cancer reaffirms our commitment to this partnership. It's more than a sponsorship; it's a shared mission to bring hope, support, and tangible aid to those in need. Together, we dance in the face of cancer, not as mere sponsors, but as allies in the fight for life and healing.


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By partnering with Dancers Against Cancer, your corporation not only elevates its community presence but actively contributes to uplifting lives within the dance community affected by cancer.

Why Your Company Should Partner with Dancers Against Cancer

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Provide Direct Financial Support: Your sponsorship directly contributes to financial grants for patients and families dealing with cancer, helping them cover medical bills, living expenses, and more.

Enhance Your Corporate Image: Align your brand with a compassionate cause that resonates with people’s hearts, showcasing your commitment to making a difference.

Build a Supportive Community: Help expand our network of support, offering hope and companionship to those in need.

Engage Your Employees: Create meaningful engagement opportunities for your team through volunteerism, event participation, and fundraising initiatives.


At Dancers Against Cancer (DAC), we understand that every organization has unique goals and values when it comes to philanthropy. That’s why we offer the opportunity for custom sponsorship packages, tailored to meet your specific objectives and preferences.

Custom Sponsorship Packages: We believe in creating partnerships that are as unique as the stories of those we support. Whether your organization aims to make a significant financial contribution, provide in-kind support, or engage your employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities, we are here to design a sponsorship experience that aligns with your vision.

By choosing a custom sponsorship with DAC, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re joining a community dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Let’s work together to create a package that reflects your commitment to giving back and making an impact.

Become a Sponsor

To start the conversation and explore how your organization can partner with DAC through a custom sponsorship package, please reach out to our team:

  1. Contact Us: Send an email to  expressing your interest in becoming a sponsor.
  2. Collaborate on Your Package: Work with our team to develop a sponsorship package that meets your goals and leverages your strengths.
  3. Make an Impact: Join us in our mission to support those fighting cancer, providing financial assistance, and fostering a supportive community.

Together, we can create a partnership that not only benefits those in need but also aligns with your organization’s mission to contribute to meaningful causes.

Over $2 Million Raised

Supporting cancer research and patient care initiatives.

100's Of Families Supported

Offering financial assistance and support services to those affected by cancer.

20+ Annual Events Hosted

Bringing together the dance community for a cause.